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Mineral And Biochemical Fulvic

People often ask why the price of fulvic aicd potassium in the market is so different, the cheap one is around 1000rmb per mt, the expensive one is more than 15,000rmb per mt.
First of all, the yellow powder one which is popular in market,is very easy to absorb moisture and has a taste of sugar, is biochemical fulvic acid. The initial biochemical yellow fulvic acid is straw fermentation originally, but the current market biochemical yellow humic acid more from the yeast or sugar industry. This biochemical fulvic acid contains calcium and magnesium, high potassium, mostly in 10-15%, as well as a variety of trace elements. It is 100% water soluble,100 grams of water can dissolve more than 50 grams, the effect can be used in large quantities. But it is not suitable for the configuration of water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid.
The second is the mineral fulvic acid extracted from lignite and weathered coal.
One of the biggest indicators of mineral source potassium yellow humic acid is whether it is resistant to hard water, because many areas irrigation water contains high calcium and magnesium, humic acid that is not resistant to hard water will precipitate and block the drip pipe.